Getting here

Both Hagegården Retreat Hotel and Bergamon, Brunskog Vandrarhem are beautifully located in the middle of nature, but it’s not hard to get here. The closest village with its own train station and grocery store (ICA) is Edane, just 7 km away. Trains coming from Karlstad in the south or Charlottenberg on the north stop here many times a day. Otherwise there are train stations in Arvika, Kil and Karlstad. Below is the distance to towns in the area (and some further away).

  • Edane – 6 km
  • Arvika – 24 km
  • Sunne – 40 km
  • Kil – 40 km
  • Karlstad – 59 km
  • Oslo Airport, Gardermoen – 165 km
  • Oslo – 180 km
  • Gothenburg – 259 km
  • Stockholm – 365 km
TAXI pick-up

There are two different taxi companies in the Arvika area, who will be happy to pick you up and bring you right to the front door of LifeStyleSTAY. Here is a list of the different common train stations/airport with prices in SEK. 

Arvikabygdens Taxi, 0570-4650881-4 pers.5-8 pers.
Arvika400 kr600 kr
Edane400 kr600 kr
Kil 800 kr1000 kr
Karlstad1300 kr1600 kr
Oslo Airport, Gardermoen2500 kr2800 kr

Arvika-Eda Taxi, 0570-107001-4 pers.5-8 pers.
Oslo Airport, Gardermoen

Freedom with a rental car!

If you want a little extra freedom to easily get around during your stay at LifeStyleSTAY, consider renting a car from AVIS, available at both Karlstad and Arvika train stations. A small car, for example a Toyota Yaris, for three days over a weekend starting at only 939 kr, with unlimited kilometers. Find your car at AVIS.